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Making local a special ceiling for ceiling pendants


Export aid organisation for Libya

Hansen Med supported a charity with 44 respirators for 3 hospitals for serious injuries in Libya.



Hansen Med Export


Hansen Med Export

Export container loading for the ship


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Hansen Med Service


The company Hansen Med has already decades long experience in clean installation, renovation and conversion of operating rooms.
We build to you:

- OR-lights
- Ceiling pendants of Dräger, Trumpf, Cruiser
- OR-table
- Prefabricated operating room, e.g. Maquet modular operating room
- X-ray equipment
- Sterilizers
and many more...

In addition, we carry out special technical tests.

We have many spare parts for:

-Dräger anaesthesia equipment
- Draeger anesthesia machine, Primus, Julian, Cato, Cicero, Sulla 808V
- Erbe HF-machines such as ACC, ICC
- Maquet operating tables 1150, 1140, 1130, 1120
- OR-lights Hanaulux 2000, 3000, Power LED
- Ziehm C-arm 7000, 8000, compact, Vista
- Siemens x-ray equipment Siremobil 2000, compact
- Kreuzer ceiling pendants, e.g. IncarePort,Klinoport,  Hanauport

We dismantle and assemble your ceiling pendants also.
This, we change the hoses for gas and electrical wiring.

We repair for you also:

- C-arm
- OR-lights
- Ceiling pendants
- Anaesthesia equipment
- HF Machines


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Please visit us
or call us
phone: 0049 - 911 - 35064597


OR-table repair

Hansen DVE conversion

Kreuzer DVE Conversion

Ceiling tripod conversion according to Customer requirements


Hansen Maquet 1120 installation

Service for Maquet 1120 OR-table System.

We have almost all spare parts for Maquet 1120 OR-tables.


Hanauport conversion

We make the service for DEV by Kreuzer, Hanauport, Dräger.

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